ROLE: Graphic Designer · Create blog post covers

(Industry: languages; education.)

*** PLEASE NOTE! ***

Do NOT apply for this job:

Because we wouldn't work well together – and life's too short for us both to waste time.


The job at hand is to create covers to illustrate articles on this blog:

The covers are used to make the blog more appealing visually (magazine-style) and to share posts on social networks. The goal is for them to look professional and attractive. i.e.: make us look good; make the people want to click.

Examples and counter-examples

I've been creating all the covers myself so far but don't have the time for it anymore. Also, I'm looking for someone who's better at it than I am.

Here are covers I like:

Here are covers that are simple, but work well for their topic:

And here are covers that just plain suck (we're hiring you so that such atrocities never be committed again!)

This is for an ongoing project. We'll be publishing 8 articles or more per month.

The blog provides serious content, but in a light/casual voice tone – humor is a plus. This shows in the blog article and should show in the covers too, whenever possible.


You'll regularly receive a list of articles to illustrate. We may provide you some ideas for the cover and/or you'll have to come up with your own ideas.

If you are able to stick to what you see on the blog, that would work. If you can improve the quality and start creating a sense of common style among the covers, this will be even better.

For background images, you'll use the usual resources (Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay; GraphicStock/StoryBlocks if you'd like) or other legal resources. You will need to avoid any and all copyright violations.

You will need to share the source files to the work you produced, so we may edit them in the future as needed (e.g.: translations.)

You will need to provide the images in 1600 x 1067 px (standard cover dimensions for the blog) and, when they don't crop well (maybe 1/10 covers), a cropped/resized variant of it for Facebook.

This is work for hire. i.e.: your work belongs to the company.

You will start by creating covers for new articles. If we're happy working together, you will also go through the older articles to improve them.

Other projects

If we're happy working together and you're interested, this project may lead to new ones:

I'll provide more details if you're interested, but covers come first.

I'm more interested in building a long-term relationship than doing a one-off project. The company is growing and there will always be more work.


The ideal candidate is creative, yet organized. You need to be reliable – being able to stick to instructions and a deadline – and to understand marketing.

You should also have an interest in languages and a good sense of humor!

You don't need to be fluent in French, but you need to be curious and resourceful enough to figure out what the articles you're creating covers for are about.

To apply:

You must include your answer to these questions:

Thank you for your attention.

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